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Why You Need to Unfollow Your Ex on Social Media

I didn’t want to unfollow or unfriend my ex at first. I thought it was petty and childish and unnecessary. When he finally unfollowed me, I thought that it meant that I had won that round because he finally just couldn’t handle seeing what I was doing with my life anymore. I didn’t realize that I was holding myself back by holding onto following him.

So, I did it. I unfollowed my ex on everything, and I think you should unfollow yours too.

Why, you ask?

1. It closed a chapter.

Unfollowing him meant that his role in my life was over. It meant that our history had been archived. It meant that I was able to get on with my life.

2. It let me regain control.

I didn’t want to let go of the last piece I had of him, but I needed to. Once I did it, I felt like I was in charge again. No matter what bad blood happened or who broke up with who, you can be in charge of letting go online. It's the one thing you can end on your own terms, whenever you're ready.

3. It let me not get caught up in what he was doing without me.

You’re going to feel sad. You’re going to feel jealous. You’re going to feel like you’re in a race to move on, and in a hurry to find a new person worthy of an Instagram post to splash in front of your exes face. There are much better ways to spend your time than stalking their posts and tweets, or trying to prove you're okay by posting pictures of you and your new fling everywhere. Ask yourself, deep down, do you really wanna look at their face and miss them and feel the pain all over again? Do you really wanna know when they start dating someone new? Do you really wanna see who they're hanging out with instead of you? Unfollowing allowed me the space to move on. You can always re-follow them in the future if you want to "be friends."

Say goodbye to the relationship for good, and say hello again to your sanity.


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