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Unpopular Opinion: This Single Gal Loves Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day.

For the past month, I’ve been dreading today out of feelings of leftover bitterness. Strangely, when this week rolled around - it was like something had set a new fire in me.

I gave in. I brought cookies to work today and am wearing red and pink. I bought heart themed decorations and decorated my office. I bought cheesy “kindness cards” and passed them out as Valentines to my co-workers on Monday (we did a week long celebration because I’m a child and planned it as such because I like holidays and excuses to party at work, sue me) and I had so much fun passing them out, chatting it up, and hanging out. I felt like a child when I started passing them out, but the more I went down the line - the more I smiled and felt the love radiating around me. Everyone was so happy to get one, to just be thought of. It made me realize that I still have so much love left in me. This single gal is a fan of Valentine’s!

I thought it was cool to be bitter about Valentine’s Day because of my break-up. I thought hating love and Valentine’s Day was the new ‘thing.’ I let my dramatic, ‘I’ve been burned one too many times’, cynical-of-love side take over. PSA: being bitter doesn’t make you better. Just take part in the cheesy day of love.

And if you're single, that doesn't mean you're any less loved or don't deserve to celebrate the day. You can take this year to celebrate YOU. #selflove, lovelies! Friends, family, co-workers, pets - they all deserve to be showered with love too! Tell a staff member how thankful you are for them. Tell your dad how proud you are of him. Tell your best friends that you can't believe they've put up with you for this long, but you're so glad they have (shoutout to mine as always). Buy your dog a new chew toy. Spread some love today!

It’s just one commercialized day, show people you care about them. (And show people you care about them the other 364 days in the year too! Life's too short for people to now know how much you love and appreciate them.)

Happy Valentine's Day, friends.

Lots of love,


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