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Stop Holding Yourself Back

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Okay friends, real talk. Stop holding yourself back. I’ve been terrified of my blog going live, when anyone anywhere can read my inner-most thoughts. I'm gathering the courage to do it anyways, because I want to write about my life and put it out there to hopefully help and inspire others. I've had to stop worrying so much of what other people might think about me, my writing, and my life, and just go for what makes me happy. I went for it, and now it's your turn. You got this. Stop holding yourself back!

Stop going into work with a crappy attitude.

Stop never speaking up for what you believe in.

Stop putting your dreams on the back burner because you think people will think they're "stupid".

Stop hating your life because you're comparing it to everyone else's.

Stop saying you're okay when you're not.

Stop letting people walk all over you.

Change your attitude and mindset. Speak up. Go for that promotion. Start training for that marathon. Tell your boss your idea. Go after that boy. Let that other boy go. And most importantly, mind your own business. What everyone else is doing with their life is none of your concern. What they think of you and what you're doing does not increase or decrease your worth. Life is short, don't sit in the backseat of your own car. I consciously chose to change my mindset recently, and I can tell you that choosing to be happy is the greatest choice you will ever make. I've enjoyed waking up and going to work, enjoyed my job and co-workers, enjoyed every aspect of my life because I've been choosing to be happy. Letting my anxieties take over held me back so much. Having a bad attitude about having to go to work held me back so much. Choosing to be upset and depressed at every little thing life threw my way held me back so much.

Here are some tips to stop holding yourself back:

1. Put yourself out there

I know this one is probably obvious and it's also the complete opposite of holding yourself back, so it might be the hardest. It was definitely the hardest for me. Is there a meeting at your office? Give some input, tell people your ideas. See a cute guy on the street? Say hello. See something at a clothing store that's cute but also out of your comfort zone? Buy it and wear it! Want to start a blog? Do it! Want to go to the Olympics? Start training! Take some small steps towards your overall goal. Life is short, why wouldn't you want to spend it doing the things you actually love?

2. Dress for success

Not gonna lie, the better I dress - the better I feel. I've always been told to dress for the job I want, not the one I have. Although, if you want to be a sports coach, but you work in an office - you probably shouldn't wear basketball shorts to work. The days where I put more effort into my outfit are the days my life feels more put together and I'm in a better mood all around.

3. Look on the bright side

It's so easy for me to get to work and be in a bad mood because I'm tired, or hungry, or want to be writing instead of working my day job. You can't let the bad thoughts take over your mind. Much easier said than done, like a lot of the things I say in my articles. You have to be pro-active. Think positively. You're alive! You get to work! You may not love what you're doing, but at least you're able to do it. If you're in school, at least you can afford to go and you get to learn. I would love to go back to school if I had the funds. At least you have a lot to look forward to. Life is too short to be anything but happy, and happiness looks gorgeous on you.


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