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Reflections & Resolutions

Can someone tell me how it’s already December!? I feel like July 4th was just yesterday, then I blinked and now here we are! Even though this year happened in the blink of an eye, man am I glad that it’s almost over. So many trials and tribulations, realizations, and life changes. I am so ready to move on and start fresh. I’ve never been a “New Year’s resolutions” kind of gal, but I decided now was a great time to start.

New Year’s resolutions are a promise to yourself. A promise to change traits, behaviors, mindsets, and goals, all to improve your life. Real talk- I’ve never been good at keeping promises to myself. Don’t ask me how yoga is going because I haven’t been in about two months. (Whoops.) I’m also currently on a coffee detox. It’s been two weeks, and I am dying. We’ll see how long this no coffee thing actually lasts. So 2019 will be the year I keep my word. 2019 will be my year to shine. 2019 will be my year to grow. 2019 will be my year to show the world just how strong I am. 2019 will be my year.

I decided to compare my 2018 to my newly formed ideas about 2019.

So, here’s my 2018 in retrospect:

I used to be the most negative person on the face of the planet.

I used to project my misery with myself onto others.

I used to get so frustrated with any and every thing that would happen to me.

I used to not smile or wave at people when passing them by.

I used to judge other people 24/7.

I've learned that life is short and there's always something to be thankful for.

I've learned to just be happy for no reason.

I've learned not to sweat the small stuff.

I've learned that jumping out of your comfort zone and being vulnerable is one of the greatest things you can ever do.

I've learned that you are responsible for your own happiness.

I've learned that positive mindsets change literally everything in your life.

Out with the old mindset, in with the new! New year, new me.

Here are my reflections for 2018 & resolutions for 2019:

2018: Always frustrated with the point I’m at in life.

2019: Be grateful that I’m able to support myself & have a job. Enjoy the journey!

2018: Coasted along in life.

2019: Focus on my new career & life goals. I want to design my own clothes/accessories line(s) & someday write a book!

2018: Cared way too much about what other people thought about me.

2019: Realize that the only person’s opinion about me that matters is my own. I am just as important as the next person in this world!

2018: Got on social media every 2.5 seconds because I was “bored.”

2019: Be intentional with my social media interactions & limit time so I can enjoy real life, in real time.

2018: Had a major retail therapy addiction.

2019: Love & be thankful for what I have & be intentional with what I buy.

2019 will be my year to focus on being more intentional, aspirational, and motivational. I no longer want to be materialistic, negative, and passive. I want to change my life, and help other people change theirs. I want to be a light.

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own resolutions!

Happy (almost) New Year!


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