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Houston Date Guide

1. Tomball Farmer’s Market

From 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays, head over to Main Street in Tomball to do some shopping! This is Harris County's largest farmer's market and it's easily my favorite. You can even turn it into a day trip and grab lunch afterwards at one of the many nearby restaurants, as well as shop the antique & boutique stores in town.

2. Drinks at Cedar Creek Bar & Grill

Definitely at the top of my list of favorite bars. A majority of it is outside, and it is gorgeous! So much character and charisma. Dogs welcome!

3. Coffee Crawl

You've heard of bar hopping, but get ready for... coffee shop hopping! It's no secret that I love coffee, and this sounds like my dream date. Pick an area near you and coffee crawl! Hit up one coffee shop for a little and then head to another, and another, and another! Try different menu items and review them if you're feeling adventurous. A lot of coffee shops have board & card games that you can play as well.

4. Local Carnival

Houston peeps know the rodeo is where it's at. This is a seasonal date and sadly at the current moment rodeo season is over, but I luckily got in a rodeo date before it ended (and it will go down as one of the most fun dates I've ever been on, tbh). It helps when you're in good company, and I for sure highly recommend this date! Spend time together eating fried food, competing at games, and riding some rides. There are traveling carnivals that come to town every once in a while, and while I can't in good faith recommend riding their rides, I'm sure the food is still top notch carnival eats! And let's be real, we all go to carnivals for the food anyways. Gimme allllll the fried desserts. Other variations of this could include mini golf, top golf, arcades, etc.

5. Downtown Aquarium

Go see some sea life and stay for dinner at their restaurant! I'm a sucker for animals, and fish are included in that category. I'm not a huge fan of the zoo, but take me to the aquarium and I might fall in love with you.

6. Picnic at the Rose Garden

Located on Hermann Park Drive, this gorgeous garden is the perfect place for a picnic and/or a walk. Perfect for your guy to get some lessons in on how to be the best Instagram boyfriend! *Hint, hint!*

7. Workout Class & a Smoothie

Head to the yoga studio, cycling studio, or et cetera to get your sweat on! Follow it up with a juice or smoothie to re-hydrate. Doesn't even matter if you're good at cycling or yoga or kickboxing or whatever. Since your endorphins will be all worked up, I'm sure you won't stop talking about this date afterwards anyways.

8. Rock Climbing

InSPIRE Rock Climbing Gym is new to Cypress and perfect for people wanting a more out of the box date. I haven't been here *yet*, but it's on my own personal list!

9. Roller Skating

The last time I went roller skating was with friends two years ago, and it was a BLAST! Plus, nice opportunity to sneakily hold hands with your date if you don't know how to roller skate very well! First date material for sure.

10. Tour the Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park

Big art fan? Tour the Carlos Cruz-Diaz at the Cistern. It's described as a "dazzling projection of continuously moving chromatic modules on the Cistern’s columns, walls and cubes floating in the shallow pool of water on the reservoir’s floor invites visitors to become an essential component of the artwork."

11. Art Class & Wine Glass

Will you paint me like one of your French girls? Take your date to get tipsy and make some art that might be worthy to hang above their bed in remembrance of you.

12. Connie's Frozen Custard

Two words: ice cream. Not sold yet? Outdoor area, huge menu, and right by a great tattoo & piercing studio for your spontaneity. Take an ordinary date and turn it into something extraordinary!

13. $15 Steak Night Wednesdays at La Grange

The cutest patio bar in Montrose with the best price on a steak dinner for you and boo! Cute patio + cute lights + good food + occasional live music = what more could you ask for!?

Be sure to take pictures of all your cute dates! I wanna see!


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