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The Gift That Keeps On Giving: The Holiday Gift Guide

I've always struggled with giving gifts. Sometimes I get so worked up about finding the perfect one, that I don't end up giving a gift at all. With December starting tomorrow (still don't know how this year is almost over already), I've compiled a girls & guys gift guide (the first of many, probably) to help you with all your gift giving needs this Holiday season! I've broken it down into four sections: practical, fashion, tech, and everyday. I am in no way affiliated with any of these products or companies, I just really like 'em!

For practicality:


SOG Credit Card Companion $14.99, Amazon

The perfect can or bottle opener, compass, tweezers, toothpick, or ruler. It'll even fit in his pocket or wallet!

Hydro Flask Flip Top Water Bottle $20.96, Dick's Sporting Goods

The Hydro Flask has been a big hit this year, and I see why. My brother has one and loves it. Good size, great insulation and super durable.


Coffee Maker $15.88, Amazon

I will always, always, always choose real coffee over Keurig coffee. Bonus - a real coffee maker is cheaper! I'll be real - I'm 23 and only recently learned how to use a coffee maker, but brewing coffee with an actual coffee maker is a skill that everyone should learn because real coffee is the bomb.

Lash Lengthening Mascara $24, Thrive Causemetics

For the clean beauty user in your life! I use this mascara and it is seriously the greatest. You can read my review here! It goes on well, stays on, and actually helps your lashes grow.

To work on the runway:


Wharf Sunglasses $59.50, J. Crew

These are pricey, but I'm a sucker for a guy in a cute pair of sunglasses. Good quality glasses are always worth it.

Timex Expedition Scout Watch $35.72, Amazon

Every guy needs a simple, everyday watch. Perfect for the office, drinks with the guys, and date night!


Basically anything from Nickel and Suede

Leather jewelry has been coming in hot. My favorite company is also one of my favorite small businesses. They offer multiple sizes and a large selection of colors/patterns/materials. I'm linking the website instead of a certain pair, because I seriously think you need all of them and couldn't choose just one. Super lightweight and super fashionable, you won't regret this purchase. Leather earrings look good on everyone! They also sell bracelets, studs, hats, and various apparel.

Celestial Net Tights $18, Free People

These are on my own Christmas list. I love tights, and have been wanting some that make a bolder statement. I fell in love with these when I came across them. Definitely unique!

For those of us who are addicted to our technology:


Native Union Smart High-Speed USB Charger $30, Madewell

With dual USB-A ports, this charging port is both stylish and super useful. You know guys are always trying to charge a million things at once. I know you also know a certain guy in your life who needs this.

Remote Control & Key Finder $15.17, Amazon

Do you know a guy who always loses his keys or the remote? I'm sure we all do. Those days will be long over with this gadget!


Pearl Tort iPhone Case $35, Sonix

Femme Fists iPhone Case $35, Sonix

Prickly Pear iPhone Case $20, Sonix

I love out of the box phone cases. Sonix's cases are great quality and they have a huge variety on their website!

Apple Watch Band from Casetify

I linked the website for you to browse for as long as your heart desires. They have the cutest watch bands, and they're pretty good quality!

To use all day, everyday:


JBL Portable Clip Speaker $50.95, JBL

Perfect for the guy always on the go! Bluetooth compatible. Small, but sound still packs a punch. Great for the office, or a day by the pool!

Whiskey Glasses $15, West Elm

A much needed after office hours supply.


Gold Letter Tray $10.99, Target

I have this at my office right now, and it's great! It adds a touch of my own personality to my desk and functions really well. Honestly, any desk decor makes a really great gift.

Whitney Winkler Home State Mug $14, Anthropologie

Suite One Studio Mimira Mug $14, Anthropologie

All my friends love mugs, and when I say love - I mean one of them probably has over 40. Mugs are the key to a girls heart, we will never not be happy when you give us a mug.

Part two... my Holiday gift to you!

I've become a huge small business supporter since starting my own version of a small business, so I've also included a list of local (Houston-area) and other small businesses that I love. #shopsmall

Houston-area Small Businesses

Heather Mooney Art - hand painted art typography

Simply Sutherland Arts - personalized art

Modies Vintage Moments - vintage treasures

Besem Natural Scents - natural soaps, candles & lip balms

Three Cords Boutique - online clothing boutique

Bristin Carbone - vinyl designs for shirts, stickers, cups & more

Other Small Businesses

Pineapple Bling - oak bracelets

Nickel and Suede - leather earrings

Lucky Sparrow Co. - leather earrings

Stamped and Finch - hand stamped jewelry

Happy holidays!


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