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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bumble-Holder

When single in a small town, it’s hard to meet new people. Even making new friends and networking is difficult. It’s an uphill battle if you don’t live in a big city or a college town with people your own age. Online dating has blown up, and I can see why. Most people you talk to have either met their significant other through a blind date, in college, or online.

I’ve used both Tinder and Bumble before and they each have their own pros and cons. So far, I like Bumble a little more. I love that on Bumble, the girl starts the conversation. Also, the added feature of someone being able to verify that their profile is actually them, helps take the pressure of possibly being catfished off of your shoulders. For safety reasons, I try to only swipe right on people who have 'verified' their profiles, or have an instagram account linked.

About a week after downloading Bumble, I decided to embark on an experiment instead of just plain dating. I was going to try out a different pick-up line on every guy, see where the conversation went and what the end result was. Below is what happened, and some lines you can use too! (Below: click the arrow on the middle right to see more pictures.)

When you’re first starting out: Get them talking about themselves!

When I first downloaded the app, I was too scared to try corny pickup lines. I played it safe at first to test the waters and gauge reactions. I actually ended up getting asked out on three dates from the pictures above!

What worked for me:

Well hello there handsome: I used this one quite a lot at first. It was an easy way to start a conversation and also complimented their looks, so they were bound to respond.

Two truths and a lie: I used this one twice, and neither time sparked a memorable conversation and didn't get me too far. It was a nice concept, and I'm sure it could've taken me farther if I had executed it a little better or followed through, but at this point I was still scared to get too deep too fast.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry: This one was kind of a long shot, but I was tired of over-using all the other ones. I actually just went on a date with the guy I used this on, this past weekend!

So you're looking for a Houston travel guide: I thought this was clever, because in his bio it said he had moved here recently and he loved adventures. It definitely got an interesting conversation going!

When you wanna be flirty: When you’ve gained a little more experience, and are ready to be a tiny bit more bold.

After round one, I got a little more ballsy. I started basing my line off of their bio or pictures, or just sent a corny one for fun. I got asked out on one date!

What worked for me:

I know you play soccer, because you're a keeper

You might have the best smile I've ever seen

If I were a fish, I'd be hooked on you

I was a gymnastics coach for two years so you are in luck!

You must be my coronary artery, because you're wrapped around my heart

You might have the whitest teeth I've ever seen. Tell your dentist he's doing a stellar job

When you’re looking for something more casual: Not everyone is searching the online dating scene for their potential soulmate, so casual dating is great!

This one was a simple question that got tension fast. I had to be bold if I wanted to give the experiment a fair trial. It was more geared toward breaking the ice quickly, and it got me asked out!

Thanks to cheesy lines, I got asked out on a total of 5 dates! I found that a mix of basic complimentary openers and flirty breaking the ice lines got the best result date wise. I had a ton of fun being the one to make the first move, and don't see myself going back to Tinder anytime soon! Whether I actually went on those dates and how well they ended up going, is a story for another time, so stay tuned!


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