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25 Facts About Me

Keepin' it light this week! Here are some random & fun facts about me!

1. My go-to Starbucks order is a peppermint white chocolate mocha, and I order it all year round. I also pretty much have a caffeine addiction. #happens

2. I'm always always always wearing earrings.

3. I coached gymnastics for two years! It was my first job out of high school, and I really miss it!

4. I had a small cupcake business out of my home. I made my own recipes and everything! I actually posted my chocolate cupcake recipe on the blog, here.

5. I've never dumped anyone. I would probably be married to my high school boyfriend right now if he hadn't broken up with me. I'm a baby when it comes to confrontation, I run from my problems. Workin' on it!

6. I suck at saving money. This probably doesn't surprise anyone. Fashion blogger was probably a bad career move. #foreverbroke #itsokaythough

7. I always say that patience is a virtue... and unfortunately I don't have that virtue.

8. I love cold weather attire, but hate cold weather. I get cold in 70 degrees. I just like looking cute in sweaters and boots!

9. I'm the sassiest girl you'll ever meet. Okay, probably not THE sassiest but definitely top five.

10. I laugh at literally everything. I've laughed at funerals before, I laugh if I'm told to speak up, I laugh when it gets unbearably quiet in social settings, I laugh when I'm nervous. I'm a laugher.

11. It's basically physically impossible for me to sleep in.

12. Not that I care about #11, because I hate sleeping in anyways. I hate feeling like I'm sleeping the day away. I like to wake up way earlier than I need to.

13. I hate water. Yes, you read that right. I despise the fact that it tastes like nothing, and the fact that it tastes like nothing makes it taste awful to me.

14. I have a bad habit of biting my lip. I will sit there all day and just mindlessly chew on it. Can't stop, won't stop. I'm not gonna have a bottom lip one of these days.

15. I'm obsessed with Target. I think I go at least three times a week. It's a problem.

16. I currently work for the home office of a Life & Health Insurance company. I do clerical and administrative work alllllll day long, and I'm not complaining. I love computer work!

17. I love pasta. I could eat pasta for every meal of everyday. Pesto pasta, Alfredo pasta, spaghetti - give me all the pasta. This year my friends and I had 'Carbsgiving', and I was in pasta heaven.

18. I love to sing. I was in choir throughout middle and high school, and I think I have a pretty decent voice.

19. I love EDM. Some of my favorite artists are ILLENIUM, QUIX, ODESZA, MAX, The Chainsmokers, Felix Cartal, and Sofi Tukker. My top two songs right now are Heatwave by MELVV feat. More Giraffes, and Decisions by KREAM feat. Maia Wright. You can check out my EDM Spotify playlist to see the rest of my favorites!

20. I have the lowest pain tolerance ever, but I love getting piercings. I currently have ten- one in my nose, four in my right ear, and five in my left ear! I'm obsessed.

21. Lately, my go-to Snapchat pose has been to stick out my tongue. I don't even know why. It just happens.

22. I love jeans. I wish I could wear them everyday of my life. I really wish I could wear them to work Monday-Thursday. Here's to hoping my boss will read this and let me.

23. I love planning/styling photo shoots. They haven't really gone entirely as planned and I've only done one, but I like daydreaming about them. Maybe future career?

24. My life is a constant battle between growing and cutting my hair.

25. I'm obsessed with cheesy Christmas movies.


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