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20 For 2020

I suck at New Year's resolutions. I'm one of those people who puts "workout" on her list, and then goes to the gym one time. 2020 is the year this changes. I'm calling them goals instead, and I'm 100% keeping them. (And this is some last minute inspiration for you if you haven't made yours yet!)

1. Make new friends.

2. Be less anxious about going places by myself + go out more.

3. Get to a place where I feel comfortable wearing less makeup & then doing it! (i.e. foundation + concealer)

4. Follow a skincare regimen all year + see a dermatologist.

5. Find a deeper & more real sense of self love.

6. Practice listening to hear instead of listening to respond.

7. Practice actively getting rid of negative energy + thoughts 24/7.

8. Stick to a workout regimen.

9. Gain muscle mass + stop being underweight/malnourished.

10. Actually drink the amount of water I'm supposed to everyday.

11. Get to know my staff on a deeper level + practice staff bonding.

12. Grow closer in my relationship with God + read, study, & actually understand the Bible.

13. Take steps to get back into ministry.

14. Pray every morning + night.

15. Make my bed every morning.

16. Keep my room clean 24/7.

17. Work up the courage to get the tattoo that I want + go get it!

18. Travel by myself to at least one place.

19. Have a substantial amount put into savings by the end of the year.

20. Find a new hobby.

Happy New Year! May 2020 be the year you plant the best seeds into your life.


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